Shop Fittings

Ecohomeliving has developed several product areas. Display cases, showcases and total devices for fashion shops, etc.. Specialist furniture for shop fittings. And as the newest product is the development and production of all kinds of systems to display and super display of your articles.

Our competence is based on aluminum tubes and stainless steel and profiles ordered design that combined and built with various specially developed assembly methods. It allows for great flexibility and product development of individual solutions according to customer needs. We have our own paint department with which the products are available in a finish to suit individual needs.

In addition, we have our own design department and design individual solutions for CAD.

We place great emphasis on innovation and product development.

Standard equipment is not equal boring and similar stores. It is rather an expression of fast delivery and tested systems at good prices.

Our work includes fitting out shopping centre units, independant high street retailers and multiples. With so many things to consider when fitting out, we are chosen over our rivals due to our knowledge, service and price. Whilst many shopfitters are ready to accept your money very quickly, we are more thorough and have a reputation to think of. After all, we get over 90% of our business from referrals from existing customers. 

Our design teams have in-depth knowledge of how to transform your outlet into a more practical, functional and eye catching environment and we can offer you a computer generated walkthrough of what your shop will look like once it’s fitted out.


With full knowledge of the retail considerations such as the Disability Discrimination Act and A3 planning, we will ensure that nothing is left to chance and that everything is planned with precision whilst also maximising the use of available space without looking cluttered.

Rapeed have the ability to take everything off of your hands and manage the whole project means that you no longer have to find extra carpenters, electricians or anybody else for that matter.




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